About the project


Goal of the project is to show the violence in the bible, without makeing them look nice and noble. It is very often executed by characters seen as positive or heroic, loving characters. And lets be honest, most of the cruelty is caused by Jahve god. You could say - well it was different times back then - well yes, but why would the most poverwful and most loving being made such horrible mistakes and barbarisms? My explanation is simple: Jahve is made up character, similarly to other gods and godesses, from times when people needed to imagine something higher, bigger than themselves. So I do not believe these stories are based on real events. For me it is similar as reading Game of Thrones - it is scary and brutal, but luckily it is made up.

Why I am doing this?

When I was a kid, my parents lead me to learn what is in the Bible. Although very often negative stories has been skipped or excused. When I grew up, I realised Bible is just bunch of legends and stories. Lot of my childhood friends and family members still believe, that whole Bible depicts real events and has moral authority. In this project I want to show the contrast, so hidden in clear sight to many people. I am open to discussion and hapilly willing to hear other side of argument.

Plans and future

I do this project in my free time, so progress might be slow. I plan to finish whole book possibly this year. Any help is welcome!


My name is Jan. If you have any ideas how to make it better don't hesitate to contact me: